Ahn from Living with Mr. Johnson- “Faking it”

Oh Team, you are in for a special treat.
Meet my friend Ahn.
She took a blogging break..(lame)
but thankfully, our blogs fell in love before she left,
and we decided to take it to the next level and become penpals.
Remember those? Where people hand write letters to each other,
back in the olden days.
She is back in blogging action now.
and my life is complete again.
Go to her blog. you will NOT regret it.****************
hey friends.
ahn here.

you may know me as megs’ thinner, more attractive friend.

megs and i have many things in common…
a great distaste for shaving our legs,
handsome husbands with a passion for repulsive facial hair,
and most importantly, a tremendous abhorrence for exercise.

i know what you’re thinking,
“it’ll catch up to you someday ahn. you don’t have megan’s genes.”
and you’re absolutely right.

so i dropped into lululemon a few weeks ago.
it was my first visit, and i wasn’t disappointed.
i went wild.
and do you know what happened next?
i bought work out clothes and i wear them around constantly.
by constantly i mean every day.


i find that is makes people look at me and think,
“wow, she must have had a great work out.”


and that’s how it’s done.